Time is of the essence when it comes to contracting

Clients often need to fill a resource void as quickly as possible - without the commitment or costs associated with employing a permanent staff member - while candidates are eagerly hunting down back-to-back projects.

Because we have access to the best talent that the North West has to offer, and we're regularly in touch with some of the region's most respected employers, Barlow Wood has become a recognised supplier on the North West contracting scene.

Come to us to connect you to the highest calibre people for both long and short term positions. You never know where it might lead. A high percentage of people we initially placed in temporary roles are now enjoying permanent employment at the same company, which we like to think is testament to the effectiveness of our match making skills - even when the pressure's on.

So, if you're a client faced with shrinking resources, headcount limits, maternity leave or special projects; or a candidate on the look-out for your next project, why not get in touch and put our contracting services to the test? You can count on us for continuity.